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Posted 3/7/2018



 Daily Cases Art Magazine


 October 31, 2016


Full review in Italian you can read here.

On Thursday 3 November 2016 at 7 pm, At the Same Time exhibition of art photographs and paintings by Inna and Michael Rogatchi will be opened at Loft Gallery Spazio MatEr, with welcome greetings by  the President of the Maxxi Foundation of the Contemporary Arts Dr Giovanna Melandri and the President of the Jewish Community of Rome Dr Ruth Dureghello. 


Michael Rogatchi (C). Love-Thread. 2013.Michael Rogatchi (C). Love-Thread. 2013.


The Finnish artistic couple, Inna and Michael Rogatchi will return to Rome after their very successful presentation of The Lessons of Survival documentary in the Sala degli Arazzi of the Rai headquarters in Rome earlier this year.  


On the forthcoming new occasion,  Inna Rogatchi  will be presenting her art photography works and new art documentary in honor of Rome together  with her husband Michael’s of his classical paintings on music, reflecting on their long and intense artistic career. 




The exhibition curated by Ilaria Sergi, and named by the curator At the Same Time is looking at the points of view and  interaction of a man and a woman in the world. This vision responds quite well to Inna and Michael Rogatchi, Finnish artists of international acclaim who choose the Italiancapital to show their latest work.  The exhibition explores the  path between Michael's painting and music and Inna's art photography and her artistic vision. In the case of Rogatchis, what is interesting and significant is the factual parallel, the perpetual  trend  of their work signifying that the couple is united not only in life, but also in art. 


Michael Rogatchi (C). Blue Trombone Variation III. 2016.Michael Rogatchi (C). Blue Trombone Variation III. 2016.


The tenderness of the gaze, the delicacy, the poetry, the innovation of Inna's art photography shows  a world of possibilities, which intertwines harmoniously with the power of memory, as an instrument of evolution, and the lyric of music told by Michael's pictorial works . 


The exhibition thus becomes an "Atlas of emotions" taking on a dual meaning: telling the story of "life together" using "traces", albeit different, but which come from the same "feeling". The medium of art photography is intertwined with that of painting.




The protagonist of this exhibition is Reality. Perceived and lived "at the same time" by a man and a woman and transformed, through different mediums, into an art photographic image and a pictorial image.


 Poetry and metaphor of reality are the ingredients of Inna Rogatchi's art photography effort which will be accompanied in this exhibition by small essays to tell the spectators in more detail on the poetic allusions represented.


Michael Rogatchi's works represent an important research work that the artist has created on the big names in the history of classical music.




Inna Rogatchi is an internationally recognised writer and art photographer. Her main interest is to probe the complex intertwining of relationships between culture and people's mentality. She has participated in numerous solo and group  exhibitions in Italy and abroad,  and has been invited to exhibit in Venice, in conjunction with the 69th Venice Film Festival.


Michael Rogatchi is a well-known artist highly appreciated for his romantic and versified works,  with over 70 personal exhibitions around the world. Many of his works belong to important public and private collections.


Michael Rogatchi (C). April Melody. 2015. Michael Rogatchi (C). April Melody. 2015.


Inna and Michael Rogatchi are also co-founders and co-chairs of the Rogatchi Foundation, an international charitable organization that promotes and supports the historical, spiritual, moral and educational heritage (




The Rogatchi Foundation organizes a charity auction  in support of the areas and populations hit by the earthquake  in Italy last August 24, 2016, with the art works  specifically created for this occasion.