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Posted 12/6/2018


In Michael Rogatchi's series created on music, in particular those works which are done in the mixed media technique ( oil pastel and Indian ink on cotton paper), a viewer can observe - and feel - the artist's palpable fascination with the co-existence of eternal matters and string music.

And such a combination is far from being occidental. In theology,  string music is praised very highly, specifically due to its ability to evoke special kinds of emotions and to influence both our consciousness and subconsciousness down to the barely controllable, if ever, depths.

Michael's series of art works touches souls and elevates spirits up to the Heaven. 


Michael Rogatchi (C). Amadeus Dimension. 2015. Private collection, Italy. Michael Rogatchi (C). Amadeus Dimension. 2015. Private collection, Italy.


It can also be noted that in Rogatchi's works, we can see challenges of the world as a binary pair of images: one is standing in a real world, while another is a reflection in a mirror , and the subject of a miraculous world of imagination.  In Michael's works, the trick is that the both are true, and this is the key paradox of our perceptions of ourselves and our lives. 

One can apply to Michael's art works on music the following lines from Percy Busshe Shelly

"For Love and Beauty and Delight 
There is no Death, nor Change". 


Professor Ojars Sparitis, the President of the Academy of Arts and Academy of Sciences, Latvia